What about privacy
Rad2Share is specifically designed to create anonymized images. Do not share any images with features that can be led back to your patients
Do you Offer on site Services?
We offer a free downloadable software program for you to use within the EU. We are just starting up and do not have on site or international staffing.
What Types of Businesses Do you Work With?
If you work with images, you can use Rad2Share. It works with Radiological images, Pathology, Dermatology, OCTs, ECGs, obstetric ultrasound. If it’s an image you can share it through Rad2Share.com
How do I download
We only offer an enterprise package through our current testing period. If you’re interested and want to join our current test users, you can contact us.
Diagnostic images?
Our software anonymizes the diagnostic DICOM images and converts them into a JPEG format. They are to be used for communication and collaboration. Not for diagnostic puposes.
So anyone can share anything?
Yes. But use responsibly, respect privacy laws and communicate your actions with your patients when possible.

If you have little understanding of privacy laws. We suggest NOT to use our services. While believe that Rad2Share contributes positively to diagnostic accuracy, we must do no harm to our patients. Only use Rad2Share if you can use it responsibly.